Sell ​​your house with a residual debt. Nobody wants that. But if that is the case, 2017 is a better year in terms of financing than 2018. With effect from 1 January, the measure taken in 2012 will cease the possibility of tax deduction of the residual debt. Up to and including 31 December, the interest on the residual debt financing may be deducted for another 15 years, then no longer. Hurry is required.

Every year we are confronted with new regulations and financial changes

Every year we are confronted with new regulations and financial changes

For homeowners who have to sell their home, lower than the mortgage amount, the change to the residual debt financing is a major adverse change. The tax deduction will be canceled. In combination with the fall in the maximum mortgage from 101% to 100%, this is a substantial claim to your own wallet.

Co-financing the residual debt with the mortgage is no longer possible due to the fall to 100%; A mortgage is purely for the purchase of the home. Renovations and other costs, such as the costs of the buyer and the residual debt, must be financed in a different way.

Good Credit for residual debt financing

Good Credit for residual debt financing

For many consumers, financing residual debt with their own money will not be an option given the average amount of the debt. Financing the residual debt with a consumer Good Credit is in many cases the result. In practice, this has always been a good option because the residual debt co-financing with the mortgage means a term of 30 years.

With a loan or Good Credit, you determine the duration that was 15 years at most. You, therefore, pay interest and repayment over a shorter period and you are debt-free sooner. In addition, there is no limit to how much you can repay per year at most, as is the case with most mortgages.

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We can imagine that you do not have to deal with financing your residual debt on a daily basis. Our adviser can answer all your questions. The fact that you have to finance it is annoying enough so if it has to be as advantageous as possible. Our interest rates are low and our conditions are favorable.

Based on your data, we can make a customized proposal for your residual debt financing. In most cases, we recommend the personal loan as a loan form because of the fixed interest rate, duration, and monthly charges. This provides certainty.

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Do you want to know what you can borrow for financing your residual debt? You can make a calculation online so that you have an indication of your maximum loan amount. Request a quote right away so that we can make you a customized proposal? Request your quote online.

Do you currently have a residual debt financing but you pay a lot of interest? Switch to Good Credit online. Our interest rates are low and the conditions are favorable. You can transfer to the loan to us free of charge.